The Renaissance program is designed to reward students for achievement, as well as improvement, in academics and citizenship. At the conclusion of each 9 weeks three key areas are checked: discipline, attendance and GPA. Qualifying students are awarded a gold, silver or white card. These cards entitle students to special activities at school. If you would like more information about specific card benefits, please contact the counseling office.

Cardholders also have the chance to be selected as South High's Student of the Week. Students of Week are exceptional individuals that are selected from the list of cardholders that embody the spirit of a true South High Cougar through their volunteer experience, school spirit and academic performance.

South High also recognizes high achieving teachers within the building and, through the Renaissance program, are recognized at Teachers of the Month. Teachers receive recognition from the Board of Education and receive a community package to celebrate their accomplishment.

Visit the following pages to view our complete list of Students of the Week and Teachers of the Month:

Students of the Week | Teachers of the Month