Math Center

SHSS Math Center Guidelines and Services

Find out more about dropping in and appointments, guidelines, and resources for faculty and staff.
Contact Mrs. Fox with any questions: [email protected]



  • Get assistance tailored to your individual needs.
  • Receive help with any stage of the assignment, from understanding the topic, reinforcing prerequisite skills to completion.
  • Learn to detect errors and correct your mistakes (we won’t just do it for you!).
  • Occasional review sessions may be offered by announcement. 


  • You have to be present for us to help you. You can't just drop off or email your work!
  • Have with you any assignment and notes you have generated.

For Faculty and Staff

  • Encourage your students to attend a Math Center Student Review Workshop.
  • Refer and encourage your students to attend the center.
  • Get answers to your own math questions.

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