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Sophomore News...


K-State Salina -  PolyCATS Academy Information Nights
K-State Salina will be hosting PolyCATS Academy information night virtually on December 7, 2022. The PolyCATS Academy provides an opportunity for high school students to earn industry-recognized credentials, receive college credit for general education requirements, and complete dual credits for an associate degree while in high school. Students and parents/guardians are invited to attend an informational session regarding the PolyCATS Academy and learn how to get started.  To register, visit:



South High Student Opportunities...

Please read carefully. Some opportunities apply to a specific age/classification of student. Additional information is available in the Counseling Office.


Volunteer Opportunities
Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer in the Salina and Saline County community?  Here are some links to get started.

Volunteer Match, Salina Youth Helping Hands, Catholic CharitiesSalina Family YMCASaline Emergency Food BankSalina Area United Way


Dual Credit Opportunities for Sophomores and Juniors - Salina Area Technical College
Salina Area Technical College has articulation agreements in place with several area high schools. This enables students to earn college credit while still in high school. See your counselor for more information or visit Salina Tech's website. To apply for admission to Salina Tech, go to their Application page.


Earl Bane Micro-Scholarship
Are you taking your first college class?  If so, you are eligible to apply for the Earl Bane Micro-Scholarship.  This scholarship is worth $250 towards your first college class and will be paid directly to the school you are taking the class from in order to help cover the cost of tuition.  Students must have their IPS up-to-date. Students must be enrolled in their first college class. Student must be in good standing academically. The scholarship will be paid directly to the college.  The application is available through this link:  Earl Bane Micro-Scholarship Application FormDeadline:  October 12, 2022 at 11:59pm


KSU - RaiseMe Microscholarship Program
Did you know that you can start earning incremental college scholarships, also known as micro-scholarships, your freshman year of high school by signing up for the Kansas State University RaiseMe program? When you create your online portfolio, you can start logging your grades, classes, extracurricular activities and other college prep experiences to track your progress toward K-State scholarships, all the way up to your senior year of high school. K-State has partnered with RaiseMe to help eligible high school students in grades 9-12 track their personal and academic progress and start earning micro-scholarships. These awards are performance-based scholarships that are earned for achievements both inside and outside the classroom, including excellent grades, volunteering, participation in extracurricular activities, and ACT/SAT scores. Raise Me offers high school students the opportunity to quantify their leadership in high school and their community, achieving good grades, taking challenging courses, and participating in extracurricular activities. Learn more about this exciting, no-cost opportunity and sign up. The deadline for seniors to add achievements to their RaiseMe profiles is December 1 of their senior year.